Welcome to the change log / version history of SmartTemplates.
The extension went through a couple of hands of developers, I am trying to keep the latest version up to date in this tried and tested format.
Since Version 0.9.1 we show this page after a successful update of SmartTemplates, but you can also download older releases by clicking on one of the Version numbers below.
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Latest News (13/07/2024) - Thunderbird 128 Compatibility


SmartTemplates will be fully compatible with Thunderbird 128. In rare cases there may be problems when updating from older versions of Thunderbird.
If you get a message that says otherwise after updating from earlier versions (Tb78 or Tb91) or if SmartTemplates cannot be enabled using the blue slider, then simply remove it and reinstall it via "Find more Add-ons" on the Extensions tab of Add-ons Manager:

There will be a brand new version for Thunderbird 115 which is going to be released in Summer 2023. There are a number of problems that need to be resolved until then, but if you would like to try out a test version that you can install in the current Thunderbird beta, I recommend that you visit Github issue 213.

First try if you can enable SmartTemplates using the slider:
enable SmartTemplates

If this doesn't work, then removing the Add-on via Thunderbird the Add-ons Manager will still retain your settings:
remove to reinstall

In the Search box, enter the term SmartTemplates, and press the Enter key:
force reinstallation via Addon Manager

Then click on the Add to Thunderbird button:
Add to Thunderbird

Click to read instructions for reinstalling:

Prereleases & Prototypes (no warantees!)

Prereleases & Prototypes are currently only released via our Github issue tracker. All latest changes including ongoing work on bugs you have reported can be found on the Change Log of latest version. Older (legacy) versions can be found at The legacy version history (for Thunderbird before version 91) can be found here.

ATTENTION: All Prereleases & Prototypes include the full flag and flag locale for the current Build. Other locale can cause trouble as the translation is not over yet!

SmartTemplates is now available for Thunderbird 128, which has been released on July 11th 2024. SmartTemplates Pro and SmartTemplates Standard licenses are funding ongoing work to support future compatibility with Thunderbird. There is ongoing work to replace the experimental API structure with native APIs, to one day have a standard permission based mail extension.

As latest feature I completely converted settings into a HTML tab that uses API functions to communicate with the system (rather than the legacy code which experiments use)

Please remember to support SmartTemplates development by buying a license!

Other Notes

Don't forget to use our bug report page to enter issues or request features. You can now use the new github tracker for this, which also supports screenshots and markdown formatting.

For your convenience, from version 0.9 onwards, these pages will display directly in your Thunderbird in content tabs so there won't be any additional browser necessary. We hope that you enjoy the new homepage

yours sincerely,

Axel Grude
(developer, site design)

Marky Mark DE
(support, project maintainance)

Change Log

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