ATTENTION: This information is under Review - Feature currently Work In Progress, but planned for release 1.5.

Premium features are power functions which are an incentive for users to regularly support the SmartTemplates project through a yearly contribution, called SmartTemplates Pro license. My aim is that instead of very few people trying to carry the project with sometimes large donations to try involving more supporters. It is a lot of work to keep the project going and up to date with all the latest code changes which happen every 6 weeks on the Mozilla code base. Staying in sync with the three applications (Thunderbird, Postbox and SeaMonkey) and to support multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) and languages and writing support emails and fixing bugs is actually a lot of work. I would rather actually spend more time on this as opposed to maybe 6 to 12 hours / week, but for this it needs to be financially viable.

What Premium Features exist?

Here is a list of Premium features that are unrestricted to licensed users.

For non-licensed users, the premium features can be restricted and, when used, will show a notification bar in order to promote buying a license. I feel this is the best way as it gives you a chance to try them out and get an idea on what other great future functionality will be funded by supporters:

String Manipulation

Note: the new %matchTextFromBody% and %matchTextFromSubject% functions use regular expressions - these are powerful keys for finding text patterns. The first parameter must be the regular expression within double quotes. The second parameter is a number which denotes the "match group". Match groups are usually designated with round parentheses (). Use 0 to match the complete expression, 1 for the first group etc.

To learn about regular expressions, please visit: For testing your patterns, I recommend this online tester:

Quote Manipulation

Advanced Date Functions

Mail Header Manipulation

The following functions are using Regular Expressions (search patterns) - these are for advanced users only but can give you great rewards in automating emails. More info below.

The hdr parameter represents a mail header that has textual content, such as (to, from, subject). This cannot be used for headers containing dates such as the sent time.

The regex parameter is a search pattern in the form of a regular expression; for more documentation, please check the site There is also a useful regular expressions tester for trying out your search patterns. For best results, make sure to switch the "Flavor" field to ECMAScript (JavaScript).

The group parameter is the number of the matched expression, for an explanation see here. Usually setting this to 1 will do what is needed most of the time (replaces first found expression with first match).

Additionally, you can now use the matchFromSubject and matchFromBody functions in the following way:

%header.set.matchFromBody(hdr,regex,"replacement text")%

The main difference is that match group is a number - which will insert / set / append The matched text found during the search, whereas replacement text is a text that is used instead if the search pattern is found. For usage simply add the double quotation marks around the 3rd parameter.


To learn about regular expressions, please visit: For testing your patterns, I recommend this online tester:

Files and Images

For the correct file path syntax, click the %file% label in the Variables tab in the SmartTemplates settings window. This will open a standard file prompt and then insert the correct code into the template.

Other Benefits of having a Yearly License

You know that you support the project and that the development and support will be continue. There is a huge amount of work involved not just programming and keeping SmartTemplates up to date but also supporting users, coming up with better ways of doing things, fixing bugs, and keeping SmartTemplates usable across various platforms and host programs (at the moment I support Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Postbox). I am constantly helping people with using SmartTemplates and their mail program and how to get the most out of email on the desktop.

All notification messages that indicate premium features are omitted.

The donation screen (which is normally shown after every Update) is hidden.

Alternative Monetisation Models

There are quite a few software developers (and also some users) who believe that software should generally financed by advertisement or even by selling information about their users. I am firmly opposed to this way of making money as it impacts both productivity and privacy rights; also in the world of Email I would find this way of generating value deeply problematic - even if it was strictly opt-in. There is a lot of personal information in our daily mail and a lot of knowledge that is being stored and retrieved with this powerful tool.

One of the reasons for a personal Email Client on the desktop is the fact that we can store our data on our personal hardware and use it any way we like. On the other hand, if we use a web mail client (like gmail) we can never be sure whether the information is used otherwise and whether we get targeted with distracting information (be it by injecting advertisements or via targeted advertisement emails) - it is one of the goals of any mail desktop client to eliminiate these distractions as much as possible, and focus on one thing only: managing communication.

SmartTemplates is an especially powerful set of tools to harness this information and it will evolve and keep saving time and make your experience of mail more meaningful and intuitive.