ATTENTION: If you use CC Variables e.g. %cc(name)% inside the double square bracket expression [[...]] make sure, that the complete content is in the same line otherwise it will not work!

ATTENTION: Templates which use <br> tags should be used with "Replace new-line with <br>" option deactivated and Templates without the <br> Tags included should be used WITH the option "Replace new-line with <br>" activated if you like to use a line-by-line template!

Signature files

Some special considerations apply when using signature files, which you can configure via Thunderbird account settings - to configure, right-click any account and select settings. The main settings determine what kind of signature (plain text or html) it is and where to find the signature file:

main account settings

The positioning of the signature depends on the setting on the Composition & Addressing screen:

composition & addressing

TIP: You can override this positioning by placing the %sig(html)% or %sig(text)% variable in your template.
Please visit our Variable defintion Page for futher details for their use.

AscII Art

In order to paint an "ASCII art" signature, a monospaced font must be used and white-space must be preserved (In HTML, normally all spaces between words are collapsed). The easiest way to achieve this is is by wrapping your signature in a pair of <pre> tags, like this:

an example for ASCII art


To be able to include a wide selection of different characters in the signature, the routine that reads it in will assume that it is stored as UTF-8. Please make sure to save your signature files in this format, especially when using special (unicode) characters. Alternatively, you can force a different encoding by changing the configuration setting: