Who is See below for Impressum and the web shop selling its licenses ( is GDPR compliant.

Use of the Add-ons

While you are using our Add-ons we do not transmit or track any of your information. License validation is done locally on your computer without transmitting or storage of your Email or the license key.

Ordering licenses

The web shop at needs certain data in order to process your payment information. FastSpring is fully GDPR compliant

The license key generation script also requires an email address that needs to be configured in a standard Identity within Thunderbird in order to work.

Upon order fulfillment, fastspring will send an order summary email to us with the following information:

We keep this Email for support purposes only. It is never shared with third parties and not stored anywhere externally. It is backed up on an inhouse NAS Server with all my email. On demand, we will delete this email.

We use this email to for the following purposes only:

This is all. According to GDPR you can request the deletion of this email at any time, but we do not advise you to this unless you intend to not use the Add-on anymore.

Impressum is a service by song craft studios.

SmartTemplates is an open source project that is financed via annual licenses. It is based in Ireland and established as business see detail below.

Website owned by Song Craft Studio

Company Name: Song Craft Studio - CRO 632168

Address: Garrafrauns, Dunmore, County Galway, H54 KW29, Republic of Ireland.

Contact - Phone: +353 87 2042571

Email - for contact email see below (this link is protected against harvesting using JavaScript, please enable JS to read it)

Business id no: CRO 632168