Creating a Template (Write)

To create a usable Template is really simple:

  1. Activate a template for Write by clicking Apply the following template to the new message
  2. Open the SmartTemplates Settings dialog and click on the Examples tab.

Then just highlight the text with the cursor and drag & drop. This example creates a Template for new Messages (write case)
Template for new message

Alternatively, you can now also us the [copy] button to copy the template to the clipboard and then paste it where you need it.
Template for new message

Creating a Template (Reply)

The same applies for Header / template (reply / forward cases)
Template for reply / fwd cases

The quote header part is a prefix that says "mail follows below" and can be as simple as "Axel wrote:"

The template part represents your mail body. E.g. "Dear %name%, ..."

TIP: More template examples can be found on our examples page or inside examples tab of our add-on.